Guest: Eva Dusome

Eva Dusome is a lead organizer for Polyamory Toronto and she has identified as polyamorous for 10 years.

Today we talk about:
• What is polyamory?
• The difference between polyamory and open relationships
• When she first discovered that monogamy was not for her and how she navigated her first polyamorous relationship
• What does a polyamorous relationship look like
• Practicing safe sex
• How polyamory functions in a rigid, laid-out-for-us society
• Raising children in a polyamorous relationship
• The intersection between polyamory and a person’s self-identities
• Depictions of polyamory in pop culture
• The problems with monogamy
• How can we begin to look at relationships in a way that is not black and white


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• Polyamory could revolutionize the way we look at relationships

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