Male Anorexia

Guest: Adam Christie

Adam Christie is a writer, actor, director and creator of the new series MAN-O.

Believe it or not, Adam is social media-less. But you can find out more about his series and how to contact him here.

Today we talk about:

• What Anorexia is and how it doesn’t fit one neat and tidy definition
• Adam’s personal experiences and history with Anorexia, starting when he was just 8 years old.
• How he got help and what his road to recovery looked like
• Support systems and lack of support systems
• Breaking down the assumption that only females suffer from Anorexia and what contributes to that assumption
• The obstacles and suppression that men face when dealing with mental illness in the public sphere
• Humans’ primal relationship with food and how that relationship has changed through Adam’s illness and recovery
• The series MAN-O and in what ways the series reflects Adam’s own life
• Whether or not making the series was cathartic or difficult to live through again
• How we can educate people about mental illness so that empathy is not an afterthought

Watch MAN-O here!


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