Host Hour

Guest Host: Lizz Noble

Lizz is a producer, social media guru and host of Faking It Podcast (Listen to her podcast here!)

Instagram: @lizznobs and @fakingitpodcast

Guest: Jessica Beuker

Jessica Beuker is a writer, editor for The Plaid Zebra Magazine and host of Fully Exposed.

Instagram: @jessbeuker
Twitter: @jessbeuker

Today we talk about:
• Jessica’s background including being born and raised in Saskatchewan
• Interests while growing up and discovering her love of writing
Other possible career options and why being a lawyer never panned out
Saskatchewan farming life and why being a farmer never panned out
Moving to Toronto and acceptance into Ryerson Journalism School
Developing political interests and love of storytelling
The road from student to intern to managing editor of an online magazine
Her foray into podcasting and the purpose behind Fully Exposed
What’s next to tackle and if there’s a topic she would refuse to cover
And finally, the really important questions like, What’s better: The Office or Friends?

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