Somatic Sex Education

Guest: Caitlin Roberts

Caitlin Roberts is the creator of Body Pride Toronto, a feminist porn creator and somatic sex educator.

Find out more about Caitlin and her work here.

Today we talk about:

• Body Pride: What it is, why she started it and the response it’s gotten  
• Creating a space for desexualizing nudity and exploring comfort with the naked body
• What is somatic sex education?
• Learning to listen to our bodies so that we can better understand consent, work through trauma and relearn pleasure
The Wheel of Consent
• Why people might seek out somatic sex education and what Caitlin does to help them
• What her work means to her on a personal level
• Mindful masturbation and rewiring your brain to experience pleasure in different ways
• How her experiences as a child and a teenager led to her current passion for this work  
• How she facilitates these types of discussions in the public sphere
• The most surprising thing she’s learnt doing the work that she does
• The challenges that she faces doing the work that she does
• How to make this information and this education accessible to everyone in the world
• The differences between those who’ve been socialized female and those who’ve been socialized male in terms of giving and receiving pleasure
• And finally, Caitlin turns the tables on me and asks me about my biggest takeaway


Betty Martin and the Wheel of Consent /

Home Deus / Find the book here

Lilith Bay – Trauma training for sex workers /

The Apollo Project – Retreats for men /

Happy Touch App /

Additional Reading:

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