Sex and Disability

Guest: Stella Palikarova

Stella is an interdisciplinary artist, guest speaker, event planner and social justice activist, particularly in regards to representation of disability in media and pop culture.


Instagram: @boundlessinthecity
Twitter: @boundlessgal

Today we talk about:

• Her unique personal experiences growing up with a visible disability
• Early experiences of sex, dating and relationships and how those differed from those of the people around her
• The connection – and disconnection – between sex and disability 
• How she got involved in disability activism and why it’s an important part of her work 
• Previous projects and events that she’s created, as well as upcoming projects that focus on sex and disability 
• Creating the world’s first disabled play party and using shock value to get the public’s attention  
• Her personal dating experiences and stories 
• Differences in the way that women with disabilities and men with disabilities experience dating 
• The lack of visibility and representation of people with disabilities in mainstream media 
• How this lack of representation affects her personally 
• Good representations and bad representations in the media 
• What’s next for Stella and connecting with her on social media 


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