Drag Queens

Guest: Jo Primeau/Juiceboxx

By day Jo is Jo Primeau, simply living his life with his husband and adorable dog, Molly Weasley, by his side. But by night Jo transforms into Juiceboxx, a drag queen performing in Toronto’s growing drag scene.

Instagram: @juiceboxxqueen

Today we talk about:
• How long he’s been involved in the drag scene and how he got started
• What goes on behind the scenes – All of the work that goes into creating a show from designing outfits, choreographing routines, planning sets, booking shows, promoting shows and, of course, getting ready for the performance.
• Challenges and obstacles
• Politics within the drag community
• What’s in a name
• Best (and worst) performances
• Audiences
• What drag really means to him
• Misconceptions about drag queens
• Stage persona vs. Personal life
• What’s next for Jo?
• And finally, we end off with a lightning round where I ask the really hard-hitting questions, which include making jo choose between Gaga and Britney.


Crews and Tangos Drag Bar / http://crewsandtangos.com

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• Drag Kings are becoming an endangered species

Theme music by Simon Webb (of The Red Electric). Check them out here!


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