Guest: Jamie-Lyn Minaker

Jamie-Lyn is a nursing student, a health and wellness educator and a palliative care nurse at two different hospices.

Instagram: @thewellnessbean

Today we talk about:
• Why death remains a member of the let’s-not-talk-about-it club, even though it is the only thing that’s guaranteed in life
• How people deal (and do not deal) with death and the implications of that on a person’s mental health
• How we can get to a point of being able to talk about death freely and openly, especially before it happens
Death Cafes
• Hospices: What they are, how they operate and what the role of a palliative care nurse is
• What does death look like?
• Emotion and vulnerability in the workplace
• Deathbed thoughts and regrets
• What’s next for Jamie-Lyn and her dream of opening a children’s hospice

• Canadian Hospice Palliative Care Association /
• Quality End of Life Care Coalition of Canada / 
• Ministry of Health and Long Term Care on Palliative Care /

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