Evoke Media is a narrative and journalistic podcasting company that aspires to educate and inspire listeners to better understand the world around them. With a focus on entrepreneurs, minorities, women and millennials, Evoke Media aims to cultivate knowledge.

Founded in 2016 and based in Toronto, Evoke Media is growing every day. A few of the podcasts that fall under the Evoke name include Faking It, a collection of life stories that revolve around the mantra “fake it until you make it”, The Wealthy Millennial, which explores finance for the millennial mind and breaks it down in a way we can actually understand, and Fully Exposed, a podcast that explores the taboo and unconventional in an attempt to educate your ass.

Rooted in truth, which is sometimes ugly and often difficult to talk about, Fully Exposed explores social issues and unconventional lifestyles to show that life is never black or white. While a journalism podcast at heart, the content itself is not about the state of journalism, but about people and their stories. Each episode focuses on a guest and an issue that the guest is dealing with or shedding light on. The open-minded environment and back and forth exchange has been cultivated to create a space that allows each and every guest to answer questions, even the uncomfortable ones, freely and openly.

Fully Exposed, and Evoke Media, aim to spark discussions and challenge people’s worldviews, even if on a very, very small scale. The podcasts created and topics chosen are topics that we feel do not get enough positive attention, or any attention in the first place. We would like to show the world that there are different ways of living and thinking than we traditionally see every day. Acknowledging this truth, instead of ignoring it and going back to live in our comfortable little bubble, is what drives progress. At Evoke Media we believe that talking to and understanding one another a little better is a powerful tool for eliminating hate.

A lot happens when you’re living in your comfort zone. The world keeps turning and people keep evolving and growing. You can choose to shut your mind off, but it does not change reality, merely alters it. Every person on this planet is ignorant about at least a handful of things. Ignorance breeds hate, but we believe that constantly learning about others, and in turn, ourselves, is really important. Life isn’t black and white, and if we only opened our eyes to all of the colours around us, think of what we could accomplish and how much more beautiful the world would seem. Evoke is about challenging ourselves to be better.

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