With a population of just over 2.7 million people, Toronto is the largest city in Canada and fourth largest in all of North America. Because of the number of people that reside within the city centre, Toronto is well-known for being a hub of diversity and culture, as well as one of the most multicultural cities in the world.

Toronto is a prominent centre for the arts including music, theatre, film and television. Home to Canada’s major media outlets and broadcast networks, it is a place surrounded by excitement and opportunity.

diverse toronto

Evoke Media is proud to be founded and run in Toronto. Just like Toronto, our range of podcasts are diverse, interesting and unique. Featuring Fully Exposed, Faking It and The Wealthy Millennial, Evoke Media offers something for everyone.

Our Toronto roots are important to us, and they are showcased in the work that we create. Fully Exposed Podcast covers taboo topics and unconventional lifestyles to bring you a dose of the unordinary, and expand your world views. Featuring Toronto-based guests, each episode has ties to the beautiful city and its unique culture.

From Toronto-based writers and filmmakers in the entertainment district, to the organizer of Toronto’s growing, yet relatively unknown polyamory community, to drag queens in Toronto’s vibrant LGBTQ+ community in the village, we have featured a variety of people who represent the most colourful parts of this bustling metropolis.

diverse toronto

Another thread that we share with the city that birthed us, is our devotion to open-mindedness and acceptance. We love learning each and every day about the fellow inhabitants of the large, and at times overwhelming, city we share. The more we can learn about one another, the more we will understand one another, and the more we can understand about one another, the less ignorance and hate we will find hiding in the cracks of the foundation. Evoke Media, and Fully Exposed, aim to break things open and let everything out so that we can examine it closely, and understand it, before putting everything back together.

We truly believe that Toronto is the perfect backdrop to tell people’s stories. It’s a community that stays true to itself time and again, and continues to surprise us every single day. We love our home, and the people who live here, and we want to share that with the rest of the world. Come help us build our empire!


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