Once upon a time we believed gender and sex were the same things, until theorists like, John Money, Talcott Parsons, and many others proved otherwise and thus the minds of many were indeed, blown. Now it’s 2018 and we see fashion runways normalizing men in skirts and celebrity magazines hailing Ruby Rose as the new heartthrob that may or may not make many of us question our sexuality. With the new emergence of LGBTQ representation in the media, it’s no wonder we’re becoming open to the idea of gender fluidity. The question is, will this make socialization easier or even more confusing?

Sure, to think of a world were women no longer feel the pressure to be dainty, passive, or dare we say, “girly” would be a breath of fresh air. As for men who wouldn’t need to constantly prove their masculinity, a society like this sounds pretty ideal. Nevertheless, with all that pressure alleviated comes a greater pressure we as humans already struggle with; who are we? Because as we all know, the more options we have the more unsure we become of which option is the right one.

Have you read the several stories of transitioning transgenders deciding to de-transition back to their assigned sex? To change their sexuality after transitioning? Or, to get even darker, is anyone here aware of the countless transgender/queer suicides reports? Unfortunately, we still live in an imperfect society where performing how you feel most comfortable, is a valiant act of bravery, entirely rejecting the “norm”. As if it weren’t hard enough to figure out who you are in a safe and naturally fluid way, these individuals must deal with fitting into the harsh guidelines of conduct our human race is premised on. Talk about pressure?!

Nevertheless, the surplus of choices we have in everything we do has also allowed us to break boundaries we never knew existed. This “the sky’s the limit” mentality geared us to become more open to new ideas and possibilities in terms of our career paths, freedom of expression, and sexuality. The adoption of gender fluidity has allowed young boys and girls all around the world to act however they feel, wear what they feel, love whomever and not be judged for it. Give or take a few more years from now, gender could very well become non-existent and the only thing that will seem to differentiate us is our biological makeup.

So now can you see it? A world where acting like a girl means being fragile and bubbly but also a little rough around the edges. A world where acting like a boy means contemporary dance lessons from Monday to Friday and football practice every weekend. Could you imagine what relationships would look like? Men wouldn’t fear to express their feelings and be vulnerable and whilst women could embrace the number of people they’ve actually slept with without the guilt or shame. Maybe in a world of gender fluidity, we’d all finally have the chance to be whoever we wanted to be without performing the tight mould of labels. We’d relieve ourselves of the social pressures and double standards attached to our gender/sex.

Or maybe the idea of conforming to no labels at all would leave us at a loss to articulate who we are. If the lines between masculinity and femininity are blurred, will we thrive within our limitless options of expression or rather become desperate to define what our own concoctions of being masculine and feminine mean to others? Will our freedom to be whoever or whatever we want truly make us different or in retrospect to everyone else doing it, quite the same?





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