You’re constantly looking for meaning/truth in your daily horoscopes.


 You’re a little too disappointed when you realized those horoscopes aren’t coming true…


You use your zodiac personality traits as an excuse for your bad habits.

What do you want me to say if the stars say I’m too lazy to get my work done then it’s out of my control!


When you’ve found out your crush’s zodiac sign, you immediately turn to the internet to check what your compatibility score is

All of a sudden, you’ve convinced yourself that your “gut feeling” was telling you this all along!


You feel as if you’re intelligence has been disrespected after reading how vague and similar all the daily horoscopes on Snapchat are


You feel greatly offended when someone assumes you’re a Scorpio… No offence to Scorpios.


You get really excited when someone’s actually impressed by how well you know their zodiac sign and in turn, them.



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