1. What is your background?       

I come from a film background and working in social services.

2. What inspired you to host your own show?

I was an avid podcast fan and listened to a lot of podcasts weekly. I also really enjoy conversations and am curious about people’s stories. So, I thought – why can’t I do that?

faking it podcast

3. Why is your show called Faking It?  Do you have your own story on that subject?

Faking it sort of comes out of a philosophy I have about life. I think we are all just getting through experiences, one by one, and trying to find our way to a sensical end or thought. It feels like we kind of have to fake our way through things sometimes. Like, you have an opportunity, but you haven’t done anything like that before. You don’t say “no”… you shouldn’t give up on it because that would be giving into fear – you have to jump in. It is sort of a leap of faith.

faking it podcast

4. What impact do you see this podcast making in society?

I see it making an impact where people can realize we share a lot of the same experiences, or at least the same sentiments when going through life. It maybe will help people not feel so alone, or perhaps even guide them through a similar issue in their life.

5. When you were in school, was podcasting something you aspired to?

Nope, definitely not. I never even thought about it. I did like the idea of doing something radio related though! I always listened to radio shows, and obviously podcasts when they became a thing.

6. Do you consider yourself to be a trailblazer?

Hmmm.. nope! But I would be fine if someone called me that. It sometimes feels like there are no original ideas left in the world – but I hope there still are. I think I more so collect experiences and try to make something new out of them. I do not think anything in life, good or bad, is unworthy of being learned from and repurposed to get further.

7. How do you view a podcast as a communication tool? Any benefits over other forms of media?

I come from a film background so the turn around in recording audio and getting it out to the public is way faster than a digital video. I am in love with it for that reason! I think it is a really great way to make content these days, yet keep things simple.

Faking it podcast

8. If you could interview anyone on your show who would you choose and why?

That list for me is really long – but I really would be interested in interviewing some of the true trailblazers of the podcasting medium like the creators and hosts of Keith and the Girl out of New York City. I think it is cool that some of the trailblazers are alive in this era to have their brain picked.

9. What direction do you want to take this podcast?

I want to provide content and material that people crave and want more of. I also want to have a hand in providing a platform for people to be celebrated on and inspired by. I want to have an empire of amazing women, people of colour and millenials.

10. What is the reaction of your audience?

People dig it – and want more. And I want to give them that!


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