Our first blogger is a Toronto based actor named Kelly-Marie Murtha.

Faking until we make it? Aren’t we all really doing that?? I mean unless you went to school to study exactly what you love to do or want to do or have to do, then really we are learning as we go! Taking parenting for example. For nine months you prepare, you prepare the room, you read all the books, buy all the latest gadgets and gizmos that will make you the best parent ever. You listen to every little piece of advice from very kind and caring friends and relatives and strangers on the street! By the end of nine months you are so prepared and ready that you could ace any exam on parenting they could throw at you. You know if you’re breastfeeding or formula. You know if you’re a marsupial mom or a … non-marsupial mom (WTF!!?? How about just a mom that holds and loves her kid!! Really!!) And then …. all that flies out the window when at the end of 24… 48… 3 days of wonderful labour (which they say you forget but YOU DO NOT!!! all lies!!) you are handed this little screaming bundle of joy as your parting gift! Your loot bag! “thanks for staying with us. Here is your lovely parting gift” and away you go. You head home thinking “what the hell do I do with this!? I’m not ready for this. I have no idea what do next” … all the months of preparing … gone! Poof!! Out the window. And you then you take a deep breath and start faking it until you make it. Because somewhere along the line … you do figure it out. You manage to feed, clothe, raise, this little being. You manage to learn all the tools you need as you go along. You make some mistakes but really …unless limbs are lost, you’re doing good!! Pretty cool really.!

Kind of the same for me with filmmaking (except for the missing limbs and the labour!). I didn’t go to school for it. Big congrats to those who did!!! Really!! But for me …. I acted. I took some classes. And then … got hold of a camera, a script, an idea and thought “yep… think I want to do this”. “Well … do you know have any idea how to shoot a film?” “nope-not really” “have any idea how to get a film made” “nope-not really” “so how are you going to get this done” ” don’t know. I’ll figure it out” smile emoticon
Jump in with both feet, and have fun figuring it out. Have fun faking it!! Take whatever passion you have and don’t stop. Come to a block in the way? Go through it. Make your own trail. Be an inspiration to others that think “I have no idea how do to this. what do I do to start?” Show them that with a little bit of magic and pixie dust, anything is possible…. that and some amazing friends/family and support along the way.

Fake it ’til you make it baby!! or as W.C. Fields said: “If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit”

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