Change can be a crazy, exciting, scary thing. Personally, I welcome change. I seek change when I’m not satisfied with something in my life. Being notorious for making impulsive life decisions, I’ve changed my job, home, and hobbies more times than I was probably supposed to.

I get a crazy new idea in my head then take action to make it happen. Take 2011, for example. I picked up everything and moved to Bucheon, South Korea, to teach English. This meant a new apartment, job, city, and friends! Being a recent university graduate, I was looking for a big change; an opportunity for work and travel. I was given the opportunity to experience something new, so I took it. To me, new experiences are a way to grow and learn. Of course, there is some fear in change, but my fear was outweighed by the excitement of this new experience.

Bringing change into life doesn’t have to be as big as moving to the other side of the world. It can be as small as trying a new hobby or learning a new language. Some small changes I brought into my life included picking up new hobbies like guitar, painting, and jewelry making. The biggest, most recent change in my life was going back to college at 28.

The way I see it is we are never too old to change. There is an inspiring group of 60-something women in London, England, who have proven that it’s never too late to try something new. They call themselves “The Very Old Skateboarders”. These ladies meet in Hyde Park and skateboard all over London, undoubtedly attracting some attention. How often do you see a group of
grey-haired women casually skateboarding around your city?


So what is it that holds people back from changing their lives, whether the changes are big or small? In my life, the way I see it, is my priorities get mixed up. Feelings of fear and shame outweigh the benefits of the change I seek.

There is a fear of it not working out – then the shame of failing.

There is a fear of the unknown – what could happen if it does actually work out.


What about the fear of not changing at all?
Staying the same.
With this, there is regret in not taking a chance on change I seek.


The older I get, the less I seek an opportunity to throw myself into something I’m fearful of. Why? I too easily get comfortable in my present environment and stop looking for new experiences to learn and grow. However, when presented with the opportunity to try something new, I take it.

What am I getting at? Change can be scary, but that’s no reason not to seek it or seize an opportunity to try something new. So what’s stopping you?  Is there something you’d rather be doing or somewhere you’d rather be? Lighten up and go outside your comfort zone. Sure, with change comes fear. However, I am more fearful of not changing. If I don’t change then I stay the same, and what’s the good in that?


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